Prices & Payment Terms

Here is a guide to our prices

Our clinicians include leaders in their fields and our services are run by Specialists, similar to consultants in a private hospital, and every one of them is dedicated to providing the very best care for your pet.

The care and treatment your pet receives is personal to their specific needs, and their case is likely to be complex, with them potentially spending time in more than one of our discipline areas.

Because of this, individual estimates are always given to you at the time of your consultation. If you would like one, we can also provide you with a rough estimate before your first appointment but please be aware that this may change once a full assessment of your pet has been made.

Please be aware that for pets that are uninsured and having a procedure you will need to pay 50% of the cost upfront and the remainder on discharge.

We do have a price list of our consultation fees that can be seen below, as well as the fixed-price packages for our services below:

Terms and conditions of business

For details of our terms and conditions of business regarding payment and insurance claims please download the PDF file below

Terms & Conditions PDF >

We use My Pet Portal to facilitate payment reminders to you. We ask for consent to use this service within our Direct Claim Agreement.

RSA penalty fees refunded

We refund owners the £200 fee that RSA charge for clients who don’t use their network.

You are under no obligation to use their preferred network and we will ensure you suffer no financial loss as a result of choosing Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists.

Consultation Fees

Plans for possible investigation and/or treatment of pets’ problem(s) are always discussed during the consultation. Where appropriate, various options will be presented to support clients in decision making, but there is never an obligation to proceed with tests or treatment.

Cardiology £292 £125 £422 £255 £584 £417 £95
Dentistry £292 £125 £422 £255 - - £95
Internal Medicine £320 £125 £450 £255 £612 £417 £95
Neurology £292 £125 £422 £255 £584 £417 £95
Oncology £292 £125 £422 £255 £584 £417 £95
Orthopaedics £292 £125 £422 £255 £584 £417 £95
Pain Clinic £292 £125 £422 £255 £584 £417 £95
Physiotherapy £95 £95 - - - - £95
Soft Tissue Surgery £292 £125 £422 £255 £584 £417 £95
Insurance administration fee £28
Prescription fee £28

Pet Insurance

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