Blood Disease

Diseases of the haemolymphatic system comprise a significant proportion of our medical caseload.

Common conditions include anaemia, thrombocytopenia and lymphoproliferative disease. We have in-house equipment to perform blood grouping and cross matching as well as a supply of packed red cells (canine and feline) and fresh frozen plasma for immediate use. We also have a list of canine and feline donors when whole blood is considered more appropriate. Our in-house facilities enable investigation of primary and secondary blood clotting using CBC, APTT/PT, buccal mucosal bleeding times and more recently thromboelastometry. Bone marrow aspirates and core biopsies are routine diagnostic tests for investigation of non-regenerative anaemias and cytopaenias; these are generally performed under sedation in dogs. With our imaging capabilities and bone marrow sampling, full staging for lymphoma and leukaemia is possible with results available within 24 hours where necessary.