Saying goodbye – what happens next?

If you have had to take the tough decision for your pet to be put to sleep, then please accept our heartfelt condolences for your loss. We all appreciate how much our pets mean to us and losing a pet who has been part of your family is like losing a family member.

Deciding on the next steps for your pet is a hard decision to make, so it is important to take the time to do what you feel is right. We have listed some options below to help you make the right decision for them, and for you.

Home burial: You are welcome to take your pet home and bury them in your garden. We understand that arrangements may need to be made before this can happen, so we are happy to look after your pet until you are ready to collect them.

Communal cremation: If you would prefer not to have your pet’s ashes returned to you. We can arrange a cremation with Cambridge Pet Crematorium (CPC). They will collect your pet from us and your pet will be cremated with other pets. The cost of the cremation will be added to your invoice.

Individual cremation: This is where your pet’s ashes will be returned to you. There are two companies that we use for individual cremation and both offer a slightly different service and options for your pet’s ashes.

Cambridge Pet Crematorium (CPC) (Tewkesbury, Gloucester): We can arrange for CPC to collect your pet from the hospital. Before arranging collection, we need to know your exact wishes so please take a look at their casket and urn options as well as their services and the prices on their website

CPC offer a same day service if you would prefer to take your pet yourself, and you can attend the cremation if you would like to be there to say goodbye with a prior arranged appointment. Once your pet has been cremated, the ashes will be returned to your home address by a courier. The cost of the cremation will be added your invoice.

Dignity Pet Crematorium (Hook, Hampshire): Dignity Pet Crematorium offer a very personal service. If you decide to use Dignity Pet Crematorium, we can arrange for them to collect your pet from the hospital, or you can take your pet to the crematorium yourself as long as a prior appointment has been arranged.

Once your pet is with Dignity, a member of their team will contact you directly to discuss your wishes. They offer a variety of caskets and urns, as well as keepsakes and engraving options. They will also perform any hair clipping or paw print requests and will ensure that these are returned with your pet’s ashes. They also offer same day cremations, attended pet cremation and celebrant pet funeral services.

Following the cremation, Dignity will then arrange for your pet’s ashes to be returned either to your home or to your vet, or you can collect them yourself from Dignity. Please take a look at their website or speak to a member of their team on 01252 844572.

You are of course welcome to source your own cremation service if you wish.


We appreciate that losing a pet is a very difficult time. There are agencies that can give you support and information if you feel this would be of benefit to you.

Animal Samaritans Pet Bereavement Service
0208 303 1859

EASE Preparing for Pet Loss Support Programme

Pet Bereavement Support Service
0800 096 6606

Support Line
01708 765200