Training Programmes

Training programmes:

We value the careers of our fellow clinical and non-clinical team members and we love to be able to support and train the Specialist vets and referral nurses of the future. Read more here about our programmes.


Qualified vets aspiring to improve their knowledge and skills should consider a one-year rotating internship. Vets wanting to become a Specialist in a certain field must first undertake a one-year rotating Internship, to prepare for their specialist training. We currently train 10 interns each year and they rotate through our many disciplines. During the year, they work alongside specialists in training (Residents) and Specialists in all departments and are involved in all aspects of the patient journey. Our Interns are also involved in receiving out of hours emergencies. On top of that they will attend journal clubs, weekly seminars, and have the opportunity to give a presentation to the AMVS team, as well as being encouraged to become involved in clinical research. We welcome both UK and overseas veterinary graduates to join the programme.

Residency programme

For qualified veterinary surgeons who have completed an Internship and wish to become a Specialist, we offer 16 residency positions across 6 of our disciplines (8 medicine, 3 surgery, 2 anaesthesia, 2, neuro, 1 imaging). Our residency programme consists of 3 years’ full time clinical training under the supervision of recognised Specialists. During this time, Residents also have the opportunity to take part in research projects and publish papers in peer reviewed journals. At the end of this training, they must sit exams either through the appropriate European or American college to become a Specialist.

If you are interested in an internship or residency with us, please email

Student vet nurses

We are committed to career progression and continuing development here at Anderson Moores.

For any of our team who wish to pursue a career in Veterinary Nursing, we offer Vetskill Level 3 Diploma in Veterinary Nursing (Companion Animal).

This course provides student Veterinary Nurses (SVNs) with the training required to complete all aspects of the level 3 Diploma in Veterinary Nursing and be eligible to enter the Register of Veterinary Nurses.

The full Diploma qualification takes two years and one term for students attending a day release course at a local college. When not at college, our SVNs work alongside our experienced teams of Veterinary Nurses, Specialist clinicians and Patient Care Assistants while rotating around all our specialist departments to gain experience in a truly multidisciplinary setting.

For more information on joining our nursing team, please click here.