Looking After You

We build long-lasting and mutually respectful relationships with our referring vets.

Internally we have a Patient Experience Team including dedicated vets and nurses, and a Client Care Team, to ensure that you and your clients experience a seamless journey.

Our Business Relationship Manager Sophie Cunningham-Phillips, is there to ensure you have a direct contact for questions and feedback and will keep you and your practice updated on everything Anderson Moores including our CPD programme.

Email: Sophie.Cunningham-Phillips@andersonmoores.com or call her on her mobile: 07761 764051.

Our referring vets experience of us

“AMVS is my go-to referral centre - even though we have centres closer I know owners are willing to travel to get the high-quality service.”

“Such a positive feeling from all of the staff, from reception to Specialists. You can tell you all really care about the quality of care the patients receive.”

“AMVS treated my dog and due to my excellent experience, I am in no doubt that owners will be impressed and pets will receive the best care.”

“The advice line is such a big help to us at the practice and we really appreciate the additional time your staff are putting in to provide this service at such a good standard.”

“AMVS provide the best in-depth detailed plans for aftercare and quickly as well, which makes your service far better than any other referral practice in the area and this is why we like to send our cases to you.”