Corporate Social Responsibility

Minimising our impact on the environment

Our team is dedicated to providing the best quality veterinary care – but not at the expense of the environment.

We are learning every day, finding new ways to improve how we work in an environmentally friendly way, and are committing to this by working towards the highest level of Green Investors in the Environment (iiE) accreditation

We take every aspect of running our specialist veterinary hospital very seriously in order to protect the local and global environment in which we work. This includes using LED lighting, ordering sustainable products, monitoring our use of precious resources and being responsible with how we get rid of clinical waste.

We are always happy to learn about any new initiatives and welcome you sharing them with us, as it is important to learn from each other and pass on best practice for the sake of the planet.

If you are one of our referring practices, we hope in the future we can share some of our new initiatives with you to share with your practice.

We offer support to all charities:

Any animals registered to a charity that can provide a charity registration number and are recorded with the charities commission will receive a free initial standard consultation with us. (This does not include urgent and emergency fees).