Get Advice

For Veterinary Surgeons looking for advice

If you are a veterinary surgeon in need of advice on a case, or if you would like to discuss a case prior to arranging referral, feel free to contact us.

As you may imagine we get lots of requests for advice and so to make it easier to deal with your request, please complete this form or send your query by e-mail to the relevant service with a summary of the case along with the question(s) you would like answered. We will typically respond via email so as not to interrupt your day but please also include a phone number. If you are sending images, please send these as jpegs (multiple large files may be blocked).

Individual services can be reached using the following e-mail addresses:

Please note: This service is only available to veterinary surgeons. If you are a pet owner we cannot offer you advice about your pet but you can always ask your vet to contact us to discuss your pet's care.