Pet Insurance

Many people who come to us have pet insurance, so it is important that you have read your full insurance policy schedule before attending your appointment.

You will also need to have that paperwork with you or have registered your claim on your online portal. You need to have checked you are covered for your pet’s condition and know what excess charge your insurance company will require.

You may also need to contact your insurance company, to give your permission for us to speak to them about your policy and register the claim with them. If you do this before your visit, our dedicated Insurance team can deal with your insurance company directly to save you that added stress and inconvenience.

We charge a one-off fee of £25 to process all insurance claims.

What is a Direct Claim?

A direct claim, is where we are reimbursed directly by your insurance company.

An indirect claim is when you deal with your insurance company yourself, and you pay all of our invoices and claim back from your insurance company.

If you would to discuss this, please contact the Client Account Team on 01962 767920 or by email at

Direct Claim approval form

During your initial consultation, your pet’s clinician will discuss this with you and if appropriate give you a direct claim form, it is vitally important that you read, complete and sign the claim form.

Just so you are aware, for all direct claims, when they are approved, we require a deposit and this is typically £250.00. We will occasionally request a higher deposit depending on your policy.

A direct claim is not a 100% guarantee that your insurance company will settle your claim. If your insurance company does not pay, you will still be liable to pay the full balance. This is detailed on the direct claim approval form.

And finally...

Once settlement has been received from your insurance company, we will inform you of any shortfalls or deductions that may have been made on your pet’s claim. We will also provide you with a full breakdown of your claim, explaining why there may be an outstanding balance on your account. Any credit balance will be returned to you.

If your insurance company is part of Royal Sun Alliance (RSA) and they charge you a £200 fee for coming to us, then we will refund that charge.