Pet Insurance

Our dedicated Client Accounts Team receive and process insurance claims on behalf of our clients.

Insurance Claims

If you have pet insurance, it is important that you have spoken to your insurance company and read your full insurance policy schedule before attending your appointment, so you are aware of what is covered and whether the insurance company require you to settle any part of the invoice.

We ask that clients produce an original current insurance certificate, policy documents, details of previous medical history and relevant claim submission documentation e.g claim form, e-link, policy number etc prior to any treatment commencing. If there are doubts regarding insurance, then our Client Accounts Team can help navigate this with you.

By providing this information to us, our team can deal with your insurance company directly to save you that added stress and inconvenience. If you have settled your bill in full and would like us to claim these costs back for you through your insurers, please just let our Client Care Team know.

We charge a one-off fee of £25 per referral to process all insurance claims.

Direct Insurance Claims (Your insurer pays us directly)

For invoices over £500 we offer to make a Direct Claim to your insurers, whereby we are reimbursed directly by your insurance company.

If we are claiming directly from your insurance company, we will request an initial deposit of £250. This deposit may need to be increased if your policy has a percentage and / or fixed excess, or if your estimate for treatment is larger than your policy limit.

If you would to discuss this, please contact the Client Account Team on 01962 767920 or by email at

What you need to do for a Direct Insurance Claim

Before your appointment you will need to contact your insurance company to check the following information which we will ask you for before your pet's treatment:

  • Confirm the problem you are visiting for is not excluded on your policy.
  • Provide them with confirmation you are happy for us to contact them about your policy.
  • Check how they want a claim submitted – many claims are submitted through our own system using just your policy number, but some insurers still need claim forms or e-links to be arranged and completed.
  • Confirm how much your applicable excesses and co-payments (percentage excesses) will be e.g. £95 and 10% as you will need to pay these.
  • Confirm how much cover is remaining on your policy for the condition including claims already made at other vets. Any balances over the remaining limit will need to be cleared at discharge.

If you would like to discuss this, please contact the Client Accounts Team on 01962 767920 or by email at

We will ask you to clear any balance that we do not reasonably expect to be settled by your insurers including excesses, policy limits and exclusions.

Do remember, a direct claim is not a 100% guarantee that your insurance company will settle your claim. If your insurance company does not pay, you will still be liable to pay the full balance.

And finally...

Once settlement has been received from your insurance company following a Direct Claim, we will inform you of any shortfalls or deductions that may have been made on your pet’s claim. We will also provide you with a breakdown, explaining why there may be an outstanding balance on your account. Likewise, we will contact you to arrange the return of any credit balance to you if applicable.

If your insurance company is part of Royal Sun Alliance (RSA) and they charge you a £200 fee for coming to us, then we will refund that charge.