We are committed to providing the best dentistry care for your pets.

We provide a full a dental and oral surgery referral service, led by Matthew Oxford, who is one of only a handful of Veterinary Dentists in the UK.

We offer fixed prices for our consultations and procedures.

See our veterinary dentists in action.

Treatment available includes:

  • Endodontics (Root canal treatment for fractured or devitalised teeth)
  • Feline oral diseases (Tooth resorption and chronic gingivostomatitis)
  • Oral surgery (Traumatic injuries, oral neoplasia, congenital cleft palates etc.)
  • Treatment for malocclusions (Including orthodontics and crown height reduction where appropriate)
  • Jaw fracture repairs (Including minimally invasive techniques)
  • Prosthodontics (Tooth restoration and crown placement)
  • Periodontal disease (Including periodontal surgery)
  • Exodontics (Complex surgical extractions, including root remnants)

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