Internal Medicine

We are committed to providing pets with the very best surgical care

Our team of internationally recognised vets offering specialist level investigations and treatments for the full range of disorders including those of the gastrointestinal, hepatic, pancreatic, respiratory, renal, urinary, endocrine, and haemolymphatic systems.

We offer fixed prices for our consultations and procedures.

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Out-of-hours service and emergency referrals

There is always a medicine clinician on duty to manage in-patients and provide support for on-going cases. The duty clinician is also available for advice to vets and to see emergency referrals. Urgent advice requests are returned by the first available clinician. We always try and accommodate daytime and out-of-hours emergencies.


Communication is a key element in managing our cases. Owners of hospitalised pets will usually be updated twice daily. We endeavour to get an interim or discharge report to the referring vet as soon after the pet has been discharged as possible. Referring vets should always feel that they can telephone for updates on cases if necessary.

Endocrine Clinics

Our Endocrine Clinic’s investigate Cushing’s, Diabetes and Hypercalcaemia in cats and dogs. We have a number of fixed prices for these investigations that include an initial consultation and hospitalisation. For more information please click here.

Acute Kidney Injury (CRGV/Alabama Rot)

Our medicine team have been heavily involved in investigating and managing cases of CRGV/ Alabama Rot that are widely reported in the media. More information can be found on our dedicated website.

"We couldn’t have asked for more. The initial consultation was thorough and everything was clearly explained to us by the vet. He showed a real interest in our pet and was very thorough. When we went to collect him the vet spent a lot of time explaining what tests had been done and the results. Follow up care was clearly outlined and we could not have asked for more."

-AMVS client

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Information Sheets

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Blood Donation

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Cardiorespiratory Disease

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Endocrine (Hormonal) Disease

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Gastrointestinal Disease

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Kidney & Urinary Disease

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