Oncology for pets

Our oncology team of vets and nurses is dedicated to providing the very best cancer care for pets. One in four dogs and one in five cats will develop cancer in their lifetime. We understand that a diagnosis of cancer can be frightening and distressing for many pet owners. Many years ago, cancer was often considered to be a terminal diagnosis with few options, especially for pets; however, over the last few decades, oncology has become of the most rapidly developing branches of veterinary medicine.

We offer the most advanced diagnostics and cancer treatments, including both surgery and chemotherapy. The oncology team work closely with other centres that have radiotherapy facilities, to be able to offer the most appropriate treatment modality to our patients at all times.

During a pet’s first visit, the team will perform a comprehensive evaluation using the most advanced imaging techniques and image-guided sampling to allow them to provide a definitive diagnosis and accurate assessment of the extent of the disease.

The oncology team work closely with specialists in diagnostic imaging, surgery, chronic and acute pain management, internal medicine and physiotherapy to provide a holistic approach to the pet’s diagnosis and care. The goal is to guide owners through the various treatment options to help  them with decision making and understanding the potential outcomes and prognosis. The team are committed to achieve the right decision for you and your pet. There is never any pressure to pursue treatment.

The oncology team are passionate about improving pet cancer awareness via education of colleagues and clients on cancer signs, diagnosis and treatment.

Information Sheets

  • Chemotherapy  - A guide for owners
  • Osteosarcoma  - The most common bone tumour seen in dogs
  • Haemangiosarcoma  - A tumour of the blood vessels, often affecting the spleen, liver and heart
  • Lymphoma  - A common form of cancer that can affect various tissues
  • Mast Cell Tumours  - A common tumour of the skin
  • Melanoma  - A guide for owners and vets on this disease and the melanoma vaccine
  • Mammary Cancer  - A very common cancer in intact female dogs and cats
  • Pulmonary Tumours - Cancerous growths in the lungs of dogs and cats