How to get an appointment with us

If you need to book or change an appointment, please call us on 01962 767920 and we will try to accommodate you.

Having a consultation with us can only be instigated by your local veterinary surgeon, they will refer your pet to us if they feel your pet needs to see a Specialist or needs treatment or care they are not able to give them. Unfortunately, we cannot accept appointment requests directly from members of the public or give advice to pet owners on pets that have not been referred to us by your vet.

If you feel that your pet might benefit from a Specialist opinion, then you should contact your local veterinary practice, as they are obliged to facilitate a referral if it is appropriate. It may be that a referral is not appropriate, but this does not mean that we cannot be of help to you and your pet, as we offer an advice service to veterinary surgeons.

We work closely with primary care veterinary surgeons and when they refer your pet to us, they will provide us with your pet's previous medical history along with laboratory tests, radiographs and biopsy results that have already been obtained.

In many cases following a referral to us, your local practice will be best placed to look after the long-term management of your pet in conjunction with advice from the Specialist who was looking after your pet.

For this whole process to work in the best possible way for the care of your pet, good communication and understanding of your pet's problem is essential and this involves you, us and your veterinary surgeon working together and keeping each other fully informed.