Cat Friendly Clinic

We understand that bringing your cat to the vets can be a worrying time

We want to reassure our clients that we provide all our feline patients with the best care and experience during their visit and throughout their stay. The international Society of Feline Medicine have awarded us as an accredited, Gold, Cat Friendly Clinic!

Below are some of the fantastic cat facilities we have:

  • A separate cat waiting area in the reception
  • The option of a privacy cover for your cat's carrier upon arrival
  • A specific cat only consulting room
  • A cat-friendly only cat ward
  • Cat castles to allow your cat to hide and perch up high
  • A Cat only treatment room attached to our cat ward
  • Feline friendly pheromone diffusers in our consulting room, treatment room and cat ward
  • Cat advocates – Members of staff that ensure cat friendly standards are met


Cat and staff member at AMVS CFC

Our team want to ensure that the journey a pet takes through our hospital is as relaxing and comfortable as possible. We continually work on a number of initiatives with this aim in mind.

We have a dedicated Patient Experience Team (PET) consisting of vets, nurses and customer care co-ordinators. Their focus is on making sure that from the very first moment your pet comes into our hospital, and for every step of their journey with us, they are looked after to the highest standard possible.

Black cat at AMVS CFC