Fixed Price Packages – Internal Medicine

Fixed Price Packages - Internal Medicine

Our large team of Internal Medicine clinicians work closely with our other departments including our Imaging Specialists.

We have an extensive list of Internal Medline procedures, below are a number within our Endocrine Clinic that are fixed-price packages.

All of the prices below are inclusive of an initial consultation and initial hospitalisation. All investigations include the cost of sundries such as IV catheters and lab consumables as well as insurance administration fees.

Cushing’s investigation (including ultrasound) £2,115
Cushing’s investigation (including two region CT) £3,700
Dog Diabetes investigation (including ultrasound) £3,255
Dog Diabetes investigation (including two region CT) £4,500
Cat Diabetes investigation (including ultrasound) £3,255
Dog Hypercalcaemia investigation £4,285
Cat Hypercalcaemia investigation £3,255