Fixed Price Packages – Orthopaedics

Fixed Price Packages - Orthopaedics

Our large team of Small Animal Surgeons are supported by our Specialist Anaesthetists and Diagnostic Imagers, as well as our Physiotherapists and 24 hour nursing teams.

Below are a selection of the fixed-prices for our most commonly undertaken surgical procedures.

All of our fixed-price orthopaedic fees include initial consultation, pre-op x-rays, general anaesthetic (GA), surgery, post-op x-rays, hospitalisation as required, post-op analgesia and follow-up appointment and x-rays, if needed.

Prices do not include preoperative blood tests or additional charges related to other health issues/complications. Extra large dogs may also incur an additional fee on some procedures.

*Our TPLO, Elbow Arthroscopy and Patella luxation surgeries all come with a 12-month surgical guarantee. Click here for more information.

*TPLO - unilateral (one leg) £4,750
*TPLO - bilateral (two legs) £6,950
*Elbow Arthroscopy - unilateral (one elbow) £5,000
*Elbow Arthroscopy - bilateral (two elbows) £5,750
Total Hip Replacement (THR) £8,950
*Patella luxation – unilateral (one knee) £4,500
*Patella luxation – bilateral (two knees) £6,750
Juvenile Pubic Symphysiodesis £870