Patient Experience Team

We have a dedicated Patient Experience Team (PET) consisting of vets, nurses and customer care co-ordinators. Their focus is on making sure that from the very first moment your pet comes into our hospital, and for every step of their journey with us, they are looked after to the highest standard possible.

Members of the PET team

Anna Brown


Out of Hours Nurse

Abi Jones


Wards and Multi-Disciplinary Team Leader

Laura Allmark

MSc (Vet Phys) BSc(Hons) MNAVP

Head of Physiotherapy

Leila Hallaji


Wards Lead Nurse

Nikki Hammond


Imaging Lead Nurse

Sarah Bradbury

BSc (Hons) CIMDipl

Marketing Manager

Our team want to ensure that the journey a pet takes through our hospital is as relaxing and comfortable as possible. We continually work on a number of initiatives with this aim in mind.

Here are some examples:

  • We have a few members of the team who act as 'cat advocates' and take care of all things feline.
  • Our reception area has a separate cat waiting area, with shelves to put your cat's basket on and blankets infused with a relaxing spray to cover the basket for those that wish to hide away. Understanding the intricacies of cat behaviour is important in reducing stress for our feline friends.
  • International Cat Care have tips on transporting your cat to the vet and we have further information here.
  • At reception we have a tasty box of treats for after your appointment. Our team will of course always ask if treats are allowed!
  • We have a range of thick mattresses to suit your dog. Our arthritic friends really value the comfort these offer. Although we can't accept your dog's own toys into the hospital, we do provide toys in house if your dog would be happier with a fluffy friend.
  • All wards are infused with species specific pheromones to provide a relaxing environment. There is plenty of evidence that the use of such scents creates a more relaxing space for both dogs and cats.