Sunny Sunday CPD Session for RVNs

On a recent Sunday local veterinary nurses were welcomed to AMVS for a great day of interactive nursing sessions. The day featured talks on ‘Nursing the Trauma Patient’; ‘Feline Friendly Nursing; ‘Pain Scoring in Practice’ and a practical session on common procedures seen in first opinion and referral centres such as blood pressure monitoring, using syringe drivers and nebulisation. At the end of the day the nurses had a chance for a tour of the hospital facilities.

Here is some of the feedback on the day:

“Great lecture, content was fantastic, and speaker was really good”.

“Really enjoyed seeing the case studies. Lyndsay was a very natural speaker keen to convey her vast knowledge”.

“Good lecture and good content. Could tell Leila was passionate about feline nursing and had great level of knowledge!”

“A very informative talk. I picked up a few useful tips, mostly on advising owners of indoor cats”.

“Haven’t had a lot of faith in pain scoring as felt it was very subjective. This talk and the charts supplied have made me keener to score my patients, even when working alone it will help me pick up small changes. Very well delivered talk”.

“Good lecture, I enjoyed the interactive element of trying to pain score the videos”.

“I really enjoyed learning about the syringe pump, and tracheostomy as we don’t have these in practice”.

“The nurses were approachable and didn’t make you feel small for not having much experience in areas such as trach tubes and chest drains”.

“A really enjoyable day. The whole team made everyone welcome and the relaxed atmosphere allowed people to ask questions without fear of feeling silly. Thank you”

“Organisation was planned very well, lots of drink and food which was great. No changes”.

For further information on our CPD events for the rest of the year please click here.