Jazzy’s Remission Success

Lovely 11-year-old Jack Russell Jazzy was diagnosed with B-cell lymphoma, a vigorous type of cancer that attacks the body’s immune system. This would have been fatal if she hadn’t undergone treatment. She was referred to our Oncology team and her dedicated owner has since supported her through 5 months of treatment under the care of our Clinical Oncologist and his team.

The fantastic news is that Jazzy is in full remission much to the delight of her committed owner. He said “It all started in January when I took Jazzy to my local vets and they noticed lumps on her neck and hind legs. The vet suspected it was lymphoma and explained what that was to me, a form of cancer. I was immediately devastated. Jazzy is everything to me, she is the child I never had and the daughter I always wanted. Noticing my distress, the vet wasted no time in referring me to Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists within the hour. The next day Jazzy had been seen by Anthony Zambelli the Oncologist and received her first chemotherapy treatment, which was very impressive.”

He continued “Anthony described the prognosis to me, as well as a treatment plan going forward. This put me more at ease, I really felt like the team at AMVS genuinely cared for Jazzy and wanted her to survive. Jazzy and I quickly and easily built a good rapport with Anthony and the Oncology team, which greatly helped to keep up the fight throughout the process. Jazzy quickly got on with Anthony, who has such a caring nature with animals. She really liked him and she is an impeccable judge of character! Anthony used his knowledge of the different treatments available to tailor Jazzy’s care based on her progress and reactions and I am very grateful for the depth of his expertise. Each visit left me feeling we were closer to beating the dreaded ‘C’ word. Jazzy is a very strong and tough girl and sure enough, she is now bouncing around playing and smiling like when she was a puppy. I am so very grateful and would certainly recommend AMVS to other pet owners, absolutely I would and without hesitation. It has been a long and emotional road and I’m very happy she is still in the best of hands going forward. Thank you so very much to Dr Zambelli and the rest of the Oncology team for keeping my loving little compadre Jazzy by my side, surviving lymphoma thanks to all your expertise.”

Anthony Zambelli said “Jazzy was diagnosed with cancer in January but responded very well to chemotherapy. By March she had gone into complete remission. In April she was continuing to do very well with no issues and her chemotherapy dose was reduced. In May she did experience some nausea but this did not recur and she was still in complete remission, had lost 200g and was looking fitter all the time. The other good news was that end of her chemo was approaching, which everyone was happy about. Treatment success is built on teamwork, and we could not achieve such good patient outcomes and care without the assistance of our vet nurse Claire and vet tech Issy, as well as interns Laura and Paula, who assisted us with Jazzy. By the end of May Jazzy had completed her chemotherapy and was still in full remission. Her owner and I were very pleased. Huge congratulations to Jazzy – she has done so well!”

Jazzy is continuing to have monthly checks with us and continues to do well.