Simba’s Night Out Story

Simba a beautiful 9-year old cat was referred to our Orthopaedic Team as he had managed to fracture his left metatarsals (paw bones). Simba had gone out one evening and came back non-weight bearing on his left hind leg the following morning.

James Grierson our Head of Orthopaedic Surgery and Juan Carlos one of our Residents in Small Animal Surgery operated on Simba with a dowel pinning of his metatarsals II, III and IV and put him in an external cast. The surgery went really well and Simba was discharged the following day with the instruction to be cage rested until the fracture healed (around 6-10 weeks). He came back every week for six weeks to have his cast replaced.

Simba went back to his primary care vet for his 6-week check-up and x-rays, which showed that the fractures were healing nicely and as expected, and the owners were happy reporting that he was using his leg and weight bearing fine.

His owner said “Simba is indeed on the mend. We’re lucky he has such a lovely temperament. I think most cats would have gone bonkers by now having been confined to the dining room since February 6th! He is going a bit stir crazy at times but he’s out of plaster and only wearing a big collar when unsupervised. His pressure sore from the plaster is mending nicely.” – Lucky Simba!

We have fixed price packages for fracture repairs for such incidents Simba’s was a Grade 1 Fixation at £3,750.00.