Poppy’s new hip

Poppy, a beautiful and mischievous 2-year-old Golden Retriever had always been struggling with pain in her left hip and her owners managed this with their local vet. After she continued to have problems, they recommended they bought her to us at Anderson Moore for a hip replacement. 

Rob Quinn, one of our Specialists in Small Animal Surgery performed the operation that all went perfectly to plan. These x-rays post operation show the Biomedtrix BFX hip, which includes the latest development in femoral implants. This revolutionary new stem has a lateral bolt which can help to reduce the risk of subsidence and complications including femoral fracture and dislocation of the hip. The system is also completely cementless and works by using a friction press-fit. Then what happens is that bone then grows into the implants, which provides long-term stability of the joint. 

Her owners documented her journey to share with other Golden Retriever owners describing the highs and lows. Here is their account:

Day 1

When we picked her up she was very happy to see us, and apart from the support of a sling, was walking amazingly! It was a bit shocking to see how bald her leg was but knowing in 12 or so weeks that she would be running freely again not in pain you know it’s worth it. The happiness soon subsided with the ‘cone of shame’ and being told she would have to live in a crate was clearly the last thing Poppy wanted!

She barked a lot, so much so that we ended up sitting on the kitchen floor with her for hours to settle her down with lots of cuddles and treats. It was heart breaking but again we knew it would be worth it – it was after all the first day and we all had a long way to go!

Day 2

During the night and in the morning, she was still restless but after we took her out to the toilet, she eventually settled a bit. By lunchtime we were starting her exercises and massages, she was happier then and without the cone. In between icing her joint, doing her exercises, taking her out to the toilet and letting her lie with us to relax, we had supported her through the day, it was time to see if we all had a better night’s sleep!

Day 3

We all slept through the night thankfully – and today she got her appetite back – and wouldn’t go outside until she had her breakfast! The same routine as yesterday but she has still not got used to the crate yet! Fortunately, she did tire herself out barking and slept on the rug next to us as she wasn’t allowed to jump on the sofa!

A week in

By the end of the first week we have all got used to our routines, she did get better staying in her crate, but was by now struggling to understand why she couldn’t do her normal activities! She still loves going for a wander around the garden and doing perimeter checks! She started to get used to the exercises and goes into the lounge and lies down and leaves her hip that needs treatment exposed. She also slept on the rug with both her sisters as they all miss each other, they both knew to be gentle and that she was poorly, although she did try to do her roly-polys which I believe most Goldens do! 

2/3 weeks in

We decided to try a calming/sedative drug, this didn’t seem to have the right effect as she was going crazy, jumping around in her crate when you walked in the room, so we took her to the vets and it turned out about 1 in 500 dogs can have an adverse side effect to make them extra loopy – of course Poppy had to be that 1! She quickly went back on the original drugs with an increase to the highest dose and was a lot calmer, and she could officially take her collar off as her scar had healed!

4/5 weeks

At her 4-week check with Rob Quinn – including x-rays to ensure that the hip implants were still in the correct position – she passed with flying colours with her muscles building back up. 

10/12 weeks

Time to start physiotherapy! First with exercises to also do at home then the underwater treadmill twice a week – Poppy’s favourite as she knows she gets Peanut Butter! The team love her as she is always so well-behaved. And she was also allowed to start increasing her walks to 15-30 minutes which means we can leave the house! 

14/15 weeks

She can now manage to get up to a 40-minute walk! And is still doing her underwater treadmill, alongside her exercises. 

Week 16

We made it! She is continuing with her treadmill and physio sessions, however now she is allowed to do an hour walk and be free in the garden and she loves it back to sniffing everything in sight, sitting on the sofa, sunbathing and gently playing with the other two dogs. In a few weeks’ time she will be fully free and back to her normal self!

It’s been a journey, but we have all finally made it, and she is so much happier in herself. We can’t thank the team at Anderson Moores enough and would definitely recommend this to other Golden Retriever owners.