Mowgli’s magic laser treatment

Sweet little 9-year-old Pug, Chihuahua cross Mowgli, had started to slow down on his walks and was getting a little lame. He was referred to us in Hampshire from his vet practice because he had been diagnosed with moderate hip dysplasia and had clearly been in pain.

Mowgli had been known to find physical examinations very stressful, made harder by his owner not being able to be with him due to COVID lockdowns. Our head of Physiotherapy Laura, and her assistants ensured Mowgli had a very positive experience on every visit with lots of treats and positive reinforcement, taking everything slowly and within his tolerance. The team found that once they had developed a trusting relationship after a few visits, they could conduct a physical examination to identify any areas of discomfort, joint pain, restriction and asymmetry within his musculoskeletal system.

A home rehabilitation program was a major part of his treatment and working together with his owner and referring vet, meant that Mowgli could increase his exercise during the physiotherapy sessions and he made substantial improvements over this time. Unfortunately, Mowgli had a setback following a period spent in kennels and he was trialled on a course of laser therapy with the physiotherapy team’s Class 4 SpectraVet Laser.

His caring owner said that now he is jogging on his walks and so much happier, suggesting all of the physiotherapies and then the laser therapy at Anderson Moore had worked a treat, and she was so impressed with how quickly the course of laser therapy had an impact on his recovery.