Milly’s happy home after her successful treatment

Gorgeous 10-year-old domestic short haired cat Milly didn’t seem herself, so her owners took her to the vet to find she was diagnosed with feline hyperthyroidism, this is a common endocrine (hormonal) disease in cats, especially those over 8 years old.

It can affect around 10% of the cat population and is caused by an excessive amount of thyroid hormone in their circulation. In 97% of cases like Milly, the cause of hyperthyroidism is one or more benign (non-cancerous) nodules within the thyroid gland. The nodules produce thyroid hormones in excess irrespective of the body’s needs, causing a range of clinical signs over time.

Milly’s dedicated owner said “We chose to get the Milly Radioactive Iodine treatment, as my research indicated it was a ‘gold standard’ for treating her condition. I was really apprehensive about bringing her to the vets for her initial assessment but was reassured and put at ease by the vet, who took time and patience to make sure I thoroughly understood the procedure, the risks, and the intended benefits. 

“Seeing Milly go away for a prolonged period was really hard, the whole family missed her so much. It was made easier by getting regular updates from the nurses who were lovely and sympathetic, and understood she is our family, and even though this was best for her, it was very difficult for us to be away so long.

“Milly has improved so much since her treatment and came home happy and relaxed. She slotted back into our family, and seems much calmer, the treatment has really had a positive effect.  I would definitely recommend this as an option for people who have cats with overactive thyroids. It has been so much easier for everyone, including Milly not to have tablets every day. We were fortunate that our insurance paid for most of the treatment, but I do remember being worried about the cost, but the AMVS finance team were so wonderful in helping to explain the process that was reassuring.

“Our experience of Anderson Moores has been excellent, from beginning to end. Totally taking into consideration our pets are our families, and a calmer owner helps ease that treatment process. I knew Milly was in such good hands, and would recommend AMVS as a vets to go to in the future.”