Maisie’s medical emergency

Maisie, a sweet, pretty Cocker Spaniel was referred to us earlier in the year as an emergency when she was just 3 years old. She had had a reduced appetite for a couple of weeks and then swallowed a treat and vomited and had diarrhoea continually, so her local vet kept her in for a few days to monitor her and then referred her to us at Anderson Moore when she didn’t improve.

Bryn Jones one of our Residents in Small Animal Internal Medicine alongside Adam Mugford our Specialist in Emergency and Critical Care investigated why she was showing these symptoms plus progressive lethargy, anorexia and borderline hypothermic. Also, her blood tests showed that some of her organs weren’t functioning as they should, so she was given fluid therapy and various medications and admitted to the hospital in Hampshire.

Maisie was diagnosed with Acute gastroenterocolitis with Secondary ileus/delayed gastric emptying, caused by irritation and inflammation of her stomach and intestines, although the underlying reason for this is hard to confirm. She was anaesthetised so the surgeons could place an oesophageal feeding tube in her so that we could make sure she was getting enough food. After just 24 hours of care and monitoring by our veterinary and nursing teams, her demeanour and appetite improved rapidly.

Maisie was discharged from the hospital after 5 days to continue her recovery at home, with her dedicated owners checking that she didn’t show any further signs.

Her owner recently reported that Maisie is doing really well and now apparently back to being her usual ‘pickle self’ giving her mum Lunar a run for her money!