Loki’s limb

In February, little Loki, a year-old Scottish Terrier was referred to us at Anderson Moore as he had a right antebrachial (forearm) angular limb deformity.

To current this deformity of his leg which was causing him problems walking, Matt Eayrs one of our Specialists in small animal surgery performed innovative surgery to cut the bone and fix it into the correct position with custom-made 3D printed plates and some screws.

Loki was sent home from us in Hampshire a day later with strict instructions to rest properly while the cut and stabilised bone healed.

At just 6 weeks after this corrective surgery, he had progressed well showing hardly any signs of lameness with his joints having a good range of motion. He was given permission to extend his walks on the lead by 5 minutes each week to look towards having short periods off the lead by 12 weeks. He has also started his physiotherapy sessions which he loves!

His owner said, “We are absolutely delighted with the outcome of Loki’s surgery, I didn’t dare imagine that his deformed paw would end up looking so ’normal’. The pads on both his paws now look almost identical, which again, I never thought would be possible. I can’t thank the team at Anderson Moores enough.”