Innovative RAI care gives Alfie a new lease of life

A nine-year-old cat is enjoying a new lease of life after undergoing innovative radioactive iodine (RAI) therapy here at Anderson Moores.  

Alfie, a domestic short-hair, had the life-transforming treatment to tackle his hyperthyroid condition.

It’s a common complaint in cats and he was treated in our dedicated, specialist-led Feline Hyperthyroid Clinic (FHC) which, since launching, has seen a remarkable 95 per cent RAI therapy success rate. 

Veterinary nurse Lou Gower, who manages our FHC, said: “It’s extremely rewarding being able to offer such an effective and high standard of care which enables so many of our cat patients, such as Alfie, to live longer, healthier and happier lives. 

“Radioactive iodine really is the ‘gold standard treatment’ for feline hyperthyroid cases and provides a definitive, one-off treatment with a cure rate of about 95 per cent.

“It doesn’t involve the anaesthetic or surgical risks associated with surgery and avoids potential side-effects from long-term medication.

“The treatment process involves a small amount of radioactive iodine being injected into the scruff of the neck, just like a vaccination would be. 

Alfie waiting for his treatment


“The radioactive iodine is then taken in by the overactive thyroid tissue and emits radiation to destroy the abnormal tissue, while sparing all the other organs.

“After a short period of hospitalisation in our specialist clinic, usually between nine and 13 days, and a further couple of weeks of simple precautions at home, the cats can return to normal daily life.”

Alfie’s owner Lynda Howard, from Hampshire, is certainly delighted with the positive outcome for her precious pet.

Lynda said: “Without a doubt, the treatment has worked for Alfie and he has improved things beyond measure.

“He was very skinny and bad tempered, but post treatment, he’s much more relaxed, has put on much needed weight and so I have no hesitation in recommending the procedure.

“Everybody I came into contact with at Anderson Moore were so friendly and helpful, too. I can’t fault them.

“I was kept up to date on a regular basis and I am absolutely delighted with Alfie’s treatment at Anderson Moores and the great result that has come from it.”

Cat owners and vets who think they have a case suitable for radioactive iodine treatment, or wish to assess its suitability, can get in touch with us by emailing or calling 01962 767920.

Alfie happy at home