Hitting the Silver award from the iiE!

We are proud to have earnt a top environmental award in recognition of cutting waste and increasing sustainability. We have been awarded a silver award from the national scheme Investors in the Environment (iiE) after making improvements to our sustainability efforts.

Emily Appleby, iiE’s sustainability consultant, was full of praise for our commitment to becoming more eco-friendly and especially our dedicated Green Team, led by Sonja Craddock.

Emily said: “The senior leadership team is clearly committed and supportive of the hospital’s sustainability work.

“Anderson Moores’ ‘Green Champion’ Sonja Craddock has worked particularly hard to build a green team with members from across the practice to ensure all teams are represented as well as ensuring different ideas and perspectives are raised.

“The team has demonstrated an understanding of resource consumption, undertaken actions to manage resource consumption and increase sustainability awareness, established a Travel Plan, and undertaken several projects to enhance the environment.

“The team has maintained a good energy management system and has demonstrated a good understanding of resource consumption and how to target reductions for the next year.”

Sonja and the green team are now planning to improve even further and going for the iiE’s ultimate green award.

Sonja said: “We’re delighted to have received a silver award from iiE at the very first attempt.

“We’ve worked hard to review how we use energy, deal with waste and thoroughly examined how we can be more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

“As a result, we’ve made changes to the way we work, the way we recycle and we’ve embarked on some eco-friendly projects to help the environment.

“One example of these is that we recently signed up to a biodiversity project via a website called iNaturalist, set up by one of the Green Team members at fellow Linnaeus practice, Davies Veterinary Specialists in Hitchin.

“This project allows people on site to photograph any flora or fauna they see and post it against a site map. Naturalists across the globe can then use the data in wider projects, see trends in areas or countries and even ID things the poster might be unsure about.

“This is a great way to monitor the positive effects of our bee planting, habitat management and composting. Each practice has its own project they can manage and access, but each observation is also then collated under a wider Linnaeus project.

“We’re already aiming to implement more changes, make further improvements and make extra reductions which will hopefully put us on course for the ultimate iiE recognition – a prestigious green award.”