Freya’s lucky RTA recovery

Last summer beautiful Freya was the victim of a road traffic accident, so was referred to our Emergency and Critical Care Team. She was instantly seen by our Orthopaedic team as there was evidence of fractures in her pelvis, that prevented her from walking.

Freya was sedated to be able to take x-rays to assess the extent of the damage and these confirmed a left sacroiliac luxation and right ilial body fracture. While Freya was having investigations, she was also diagnosed with severe anaemia and a suspected large gastric ulcer and developed marked swelling of her left hindlimb, which was suspected to be fluid build-up secondary to her pelvic injuries.

Freya had a blood transfusion before surgery to stabilise her pelvis and a left sacroiliac lag screw and a bone plate were placed on her right ilium. The surgery went really well and Freya was discharged with a physiotherapy plan and cage-rest until the fracture healed in around 6-10 weeks, she is back loving life!