The Team

James G

James Grierson


Head of Surgery
RCVS Specialist in Small Animal Surgery
EBVS® European Specialist in Small Animal Surgery


James graduated from the Royal Veterinary College (RVC), London in 1998. He spent 2 1/2 years in predominantly small animal practice on the south coast before spending 15 months working as a house officer at Davies Veterinary Specialists. He then returned to the RVC and completed a three-year residency in Small Animal Surgery at the Queen Mother Hospital. During this time he obtained the RCVS Certificates in Veterinary Radiology and Small Animal Surgery. Following this he remained at the RVC for a further five years as a Lecturer and specialist orthopaedic surgeon in which time he passed the qualifying examination for the European College of Veterinary Surgeons (ECVS) to become an ECVS Diplomate and Recognised European Specialist in Small Animal Surgery. James is also recognised by the RCVS as a Specialist in Small Animal Surgery. In 2010 James obtained the Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Education from the University of Bedfordshire and he is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. James is on the Board of Referees for Veterinary Comparative Orthopaedics and Traumatology (VCOT). James is a member of AOVET, a worldwide community of veterinary orthopaedic surgeons and currently lectures on the Principles Course. Only a handful of orthopaedic surgeons regularly contribute to this organisation and their courses and James has done so for the last 10 years.

James is interested in the full range of musculoskeletal and rheumatological conditions from acute trauma to elective surgery as well as the investigation and treatment of joint conditions. He has more specific interests in the role of physiotherapy in patient care, infection control and canine elbow disease (including elbow joint replacement). James is one of only a few specialist surgeons certified to perform canine total elbow replacement in the UK.

James continues to contribute to the profession through the provision of CPD courses both locally and internationally, lectures, research projects, resident training and scientific papers.

In 2019 James was made a Fellow of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons for meritorious contributions to clinical practice. Fellowship is the highest status of membership of the College and is awarded for outstanding contributions to the veterinary profession.

James joined Anderson Moores in 2010 and in that time it has grown from a small team with a just a handful of clinicians to the large referral hospital it is today. In 2021 James was appointed as Head of Surgery at Anderson Moores.

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