We will send you a detailed report after we have seen the case. If the animal is hospitalised for any length of time, we will also send you an interim report.

We will make sure that we fax or e-mail some information to you on the day of discharge so that you know the patient has gone home again and you will be up to date, should the owners bring the animal back to you before our final report arrives. Final reports are frequently faxed over on the day of discharge as well but certainly within 48 hours of discharge. We will discharge the animal with sufficient medication to last them for 5-10 days, but usually will rely on you to dispense ongoing long term medication, or to remove sutures.

The owner will have written instructions to come and see you for this, and we will also make a note of it in your interim and final reports.

If at any stage you would like an update on a case in the hospital, or some advice about a case you are managing, please contact us.

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