The Veterinary Physiotherapy service is an invaluable adjunct in the treatment of animals here at Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists. Physiotherapy aims to maintain and restore mobility, function and independence by working closely with the clinical specialties in assisting and complimenting traditional treatment strategies in various areas of veterinary medicine and surgery.

Qualified Veterinary Physiotherapists are movement and exercise specialists, with an in depth knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, pathology and physiology. Their expertise enables them to assess and treat injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Veterinary Physiotherapy is about preventing problems occurring, promoting good health and mobility, improving performance in the competitive or working dog and assisting in the effective and speedy recovery after injury or surgery. Physiotherapy helps to enable the muscles and joints to move correctly, and builds the correct muscles to keep it that way! This is achieved using a combination of our manual techniques, electrotherapies and movement and exercise therapies. Veterinary physiotherapy is all about helping your pet live life to the full and to be able to do all the activities you enjoy sharing together.

The Veterinary Physiotherapy service at Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists offers a progressively dynamic, patient-centred service that is focussed towards the continued excellence and ongoing development of knowledge and skills in the veterinary physiotherapy field. The physiotherapy service is run by Veterinary Physiotherapist Laura Allmark, supported by Jess Seeley & Charley Gunner.

As well as providing physiotherapy for the inpatients here at Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists we also offer an outpatient service for the follow-up of discharged patients and for initial assessments of patients from referring veterinary surgeons. If you would like Laura to examine your dog or cat, please ask your vet about a referral, and if you are a vet looking to refer a patient, a physiotherapy referral form is available below.

For more information on how veterinary physiotherapy can help your pet and the types of treatments used please click here



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