Bandage Care  Primarily for owners, this sheet explains how to care for a bandage, cast or splint and what complications to look out for

Arthritis Care  Primarily for owners, this is a guide to the non-surgical management of the arthritic pet

Cruciate Disease  Primarily for owners, this sheet discusses the surgical options for dogs with cruciate ligament ruptures, including TPLO and lateral suture stabilisation

Cruciate Disease An indepth guide. Primarily for vets but may also be of interest to owners of dogs with cruciate disease

Elbow Dysplasia The BVA/Kennel Club's guide to elbow dysplasia and the elbow dysplasia screening scheme

Hip Dysplasia A general guide to hip dysplasia and treatment options for owners

Hip Dysplasia The BVA/Kennel Club's guide to hip dysplasia and the hip dysplasia screening scheme

External Skeletal Fixator Care  Primarily for vets, this sheet provides guidance on managing esternal skeletal fixators (ESF) following surgery

How to do... Joint Taps  A guide for vets

Joint Fluid Analysis  A guide for vets, how to get the most out of your joint fluid sample

Patellar Luxation in Dogs  A guide to the clinical signs, diagnosis & decision making, primarily for vets

Osteosarcoma  Primarily for owners, this sheet is a guide to osteosarcoma in dogs and describes the options for treatment

Fentanyl Patches  A guide for vets on the use of transdermal fentanyl patches

MLK Recipe  A guide for vets on the use of MLK infusions in painful patients

BVOA Hip Registry Information Sheet  A guide to the BVOA Hip Registry for owners of dogs having total hip replacement

Guide to Mental Stimulation of Patients being Cage-Rested A guide for owners of cats and dogs being cage-rested following surgery

An owner's guide to home care after orthopaedic surgery Reprinted from 'Dogs Monthly' magazine and written by our own James Grierson

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