Oncology is the investigation and management of tumours/cancer. Oncological patients often benefit from the input of Specialists in a number of different disciplines -imagers, medics and surgeons are all typically involved in case management. At Anderson Moores we have Specialists in all of these fields, all with extensive experience in cancer management. Investigation of these cases is often enhanced by the advanced imaging available on site at Anderson Moores. Treatment may involve surgery in our state of the art surgical suite and/or chemotherapy as part of our regular chemotherapy clinic.

As dedicated pet owners we are all devastated when our companions are diagnosed with a serious cancer. Our clinicians are here to inform you and guide you through the various treatment options available for your pet. At no point will there be any pressure on you to pursue a treatment you are not comfortable with.

Benefits of referral to Anderson Moores:

  • Specialists in medicine, imaging and surgery experienced in cancer management
  • Access to recently introduced chemotherapeutic agents such as tyrosine kinase inhibitors
  • Out-patient chemotherapy clinic to minimise the time patients spend in the hospital and to accomodate our clients' busy lives

Depending on the type of tumour present, oncological cases are initially seen by either the medicine, soft tissue surgery or orthopaedic services.

The out-patient chemotherapy clinic is managed by Laura Holm.


Out-Patient Chemotherapy Clinic


Information Sheets

Chemotherapy  A guide for owners

Osteosarcoma  The most common bone tumour seen in dogs

Haemangiosarcoma  A tumour of the blood vessels, often affecting the spleen, liver and heart

Lymphoma  A common form of cancer that can affect various tissues

Mast Cell Tumours  A common tumour of the skin

Malignant Melanoma  A guide for owners and vets on this disease and the melanoma vaccine

CT scan, skull chondrosarcoma

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