We are able to investigate the respiratory tract utilising CT, fluoroscopy, ultrasound, MRI and a range of flexible and rigid endoscopes that give us the ability to look into the nasal chambers, nasopharynx and bronchi of all cats and dogs whatever their size.

Endoscopy and fluoroscopy allow therapeutic procedures such as foreign body removal and tracheal stent placement. Fluoroscopy also enables dynamic interrogation of the respiratory tract for cases of suspected upper and lower airway collapse. Our in-house laboratory includes a cytospin centrifuge, facilitating excellent preservation of cells in labile samples such as bronchoalveolar lavage fluid. We also offer measurement of arterial blood gases and lactate concentrations. A multidiscipline approach is often required in cases with Aspergillosis, pyothorax or lung lobe tumours. Our dedicated 24 hour nursing allows close management of cases with chest drains in place and other fragile respiratory patients.

Exercise intolerance and collapse are common referrals that are investigated in conjunction with orthopaedics. We can offer dynamic exercise testing with telemetric ECG as well as 24-hour digital Holter monitoring. Implantation of a remotely activated Reveal device is possible for those patients with intermittent collapse where longer interrogation periods are required.

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