We are proud to offer a specialist anaesthesia service for our patients.

Anaesthesia and sedation are a vital part of the management of sick patients.  We often have to restrain animals in order to carry out tests or treatments for both their own safety as well as ensuring that they are not stressed or frightened by the veterinary environment.  Our Specialist Anaesthetists are dedicated to ensuring that patients are as relaxed and calm as possible, ensuring that procedures can be carried out quickly and efficiently to the benefit of the patient.  Complications directly due to anaesthesia or sedation are very rare in dogs or cats and most complications are related to the condition that they are being treated for.  If an animal has suffered a complication previously we can take that into account and our very experienced anaesthetists can use different drug combinations in order to minimise any futher risk.  Pain management both in the hospital and at home is an important part of patient management and our anaesthetists design pain treatments for each patient taking into account their individual needs.  We run a pain clinic to help owners manage pets with chronic pain and this includes consideration of non conventional techniques such as acupuncture.



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