Poppy’s new hip

Poppy, a beautiful and mischievous 2-year-old Golden Retriever had always been struggling with pain in her left hip and her owners managed this with their local vet. Who eventually recommended coming to us for a hip replacement.  

They decided this was the best option to give Poppy her life back, and they certainly found it did! For the first two weeks after the operation, she was full of live and wanting to do all of the things she wasn’t allowed, and especially missed getting on the sofa!

Rob Quinn, one of our Specialists in Small Animal Surgery performed the operation and at her 4-week check was really pleased with her progress so soon after surgery, as she was showing great use of her leg with a good range of movement in her hip and more importantly no discomfort!  X-rays supported this, showing the implant to be sound so her 5-minute walks were increased to 5 or 6 times a day.

These x-rays post operation show a Biomedtrix BFX hip, which is the latest development in aa femoral stem implant. This new stem has a lateral bolt which can help to reduce the risk of any future subsidence of the joint and further complications. The system is completely cement-less and works by using a friction press-fit. Then what happens is boney ingrowth into the implants which provides a long term stability of the joint. 

Her owners said “We are documenting her journey on social media so that we can share our experiences with other Golden Retriever owners, the next stage is her physiotherapy that I’m sure she will throw herself into! She seems a lot happier being with the family now, sitting on the blanket on the floor, even though the eyes still say I would rather be on the sofa!’

In March she had her 8-week check and had the ‘all clear’ to now progress to her physiotherapy and go on longer walks.