We ask lots of questions

Your clinician will see you and take a detailed history about what you feel has happened and how your pet has responded to any treatments so far. We may seem to ask irrelevant questions, but these can be very important in relation to complex conditions. An hour is allowed for routine first appointments so there is plenty of time for us to get a good idea of your concerns and to examine your pet. We will discuss and explain everything we plan to do, and make sure that you fully understand what is involved, including an estimate of costs.  There is no obligation to proceed with any investigations or treatment.  You may just decide to have the consultation and take your pet home again.  You would then have the option to return your pet for investigations or treatment on a different day.


Often patients are admitted for investigations and may stay for one or more nights. If your pet is admitted you will not need to leave any food for him/her, unless they have a specific/unusual diet for any reason.  Please note that we cannot accept raw food diets into the hospital.  Each individual patient has their nutritional requirements assessed and a feeding plan is implemented. 
For hygiene reasons we do not accept bedding or toys from home although we do have a selection of hospital toys that we can provide your pet.  Young cats and dogs may be given toys to play with and older pets may be given more blankets or boxes to hide in.  We try to make their stay with us as calm as we possibly can, given the circumstances.
Pets are cared for 24 hours a day while in the hospital.  There are always nurses on site looking after them.  Dogs and cats are cared for in separate wards and inpatients are never in direct contact with each other.  Dogs are kept in large kennels with a padded bed and are walked regularly throughout the day and night, depending on their needs.  Cats also have padded beds and are monitored so that their litter trays are cleaned promptly.


Whilst your pet is in the hospital we will keep you regularly updated on his/her progress including an update from one of the kennel nurses every morning after ward rounds.  You will also receive an update from the clinician in charge of your pet at frequent intervals.


Sometimes dogs or cats end up staying with us for several days and we can arrange a quiet time in for you to come and visit your pet.  For short stays, visits may confuse your pet as they may think they are coming home early. We do not have set visiting times but we try to organize visits at times that will be least disruptive to the clinical activities in the hospital.

Going Home

When your pet is ready to go home, one of our team will contact you to arrange a discharge appointment (before 6:30pm on weekdays and before 4pm on Saturdays).  At the appointment, a clinician or nurse will go through your discharge instructions with you and explain any medications that may be required. 
Although nursing staff are on the premises 24 hours a day, we do not normally arrange discharge appointments outside of normal business hours.

Extraordinary People
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