Often patients are admitted for investigations and may stay for one or more nights. You can discuss the likelihood of this with our receptionist before the appointment if this would help with planning your travel arrangements.

We will need to know your pet's previous history and be able to review previous laboratory tests and x-rays. These may be sent in the post to us by your vet prior to the appointment, but often your vet will ask you to bring this information and/or any x-rays with you to the appointment. It is sensible to check with your vet, prior to the appointment, whether you need to collect these things from them to bring with you.

We ask lots of questions

Your clinician will see you and take a detailed history about what you feel has happened and how your pet has responded to any treatments so far. We may seem to ask irrelevant questions, but these can be very important in relation to complex conditions. An hour is allowed for routine first appointments so there is plenty of time for us to get a good idea of your concerns and to examine your pet. We will discuss and explain everything we plan to do, and make sure that you fully understand what is involved, including an estimate of costs.

If your pet is admitted you will not need to leave any food or bedding for him/her, unless they have to have a specific/unusual diet for any reason. Please note that for hygiene reasons bedding is laundered frequently in the kennels, therefore it is not practical for you to leave bedding with your pet. You are welcome to leave a small toy with your pet if you wish but we can not accept any liability should this need to be laundered or be misplaced.

Whilst your pet is in the hopsital we will keep you regularly updated on his/her progress, including an update from one of the kennel nurses every morning and an update from the clinician in charge of your pet at frequent intervals.

View our hospital admissions information leaflet here

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