What is a Direct Claim?

A direct claim, is where we are reimbursed directly by your insurance company when they make settlement of your pet’s insurance claim.
At Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists, our dedicated insurance team can help you make a direct claim for your pet’s veterinary treatment, provided that you discuss this with us, prior to your pet’s appointment - insurance@andersonmoores.com

Direct Claim Approval Form

During your initial consultation, your pet’s clinician will discuss with you our practice’s direct claim policy, and if approved, will invite you to read, complete and sign our direct claim approval form. We will ask you to provide a signed claim form at the time of your pet’s treatment. A direct claim is not a 100% guarantee that your insurance company will settle your claim. In the event your insurance company does not pay, you will be liable to pay the balance in full. This is detailed on the direct claim approval form.

What we need from you....

You will need to email us your insurance policy details, or bring your paper documents with you. It is always sensible to advise your insurance company that you have been referred and provide authorisation that Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists can discuss your policy, and your pet’s claim/s, where applicable. This enables our insurance team to provide full and comprehensive support, in ensuring your insurers expedite their assessment and settlement of your pet’s claim.


For all direct claims that are approved, we request a deposit of £250.00. This deposit amount may increase, dependent on the estimated costs of your pet’s treatment, along with particular aspects of your insurance policy, i.e. any applicable excess that may be due, any fees that exceed the available insurance limit on your policy etc. Your deposit will help cover these deductions (if applicable) when your insurance company makes settlement of your claim.

Admin fee

Direct claims take a significant amount of time and we have a dedicated insurance team managing them. We therefore charge a non-returnable administration fee of £18.00. This applies to all insurance claims. We will always provide you and your insurer with a fully itemised invoice. If we are unable to provide you with a copy of your pet’s itemised invoice at the time of discharge, we will send a copy in the post.

And finally...

Once settlement has been received from your insurance company, we will inform you of any shortfalls or deductions that may have been made on your pet’s claim. We will also provide you with a full breakdown of your claim, explaining why there may be an outstanding balance on your account. If there is any credit balance this will be returned to you.

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