Because the care your pet gets is the single most important thing to us. Everything we do is is based around this principle. It's an easy thing to say, and it can be difficult to put into practice, but that is what we are about and that is why...

Our clinicians include leaders in their fields. The majority are genuine Specialists, akin to hospital consultants, and every one of them is dedicated to providing your pet with the very best treatment and care. Check out the link on the left to learn more about what a true Specialist is.

Our team take referrals in internal medicine, soft tissue surgery, orthopaedics, neurology & neurosurgery, diagnostic imaging, cardiology, dermatology and physiotherapy. We also have a specialist veterinary anaesthetist running the anaesthesia service.

Our nursing team is probably the largest private-practice nursing team in the South. And every one of them is a fully qualified and RCVS-registered veterinary nurse. Many of them have specialist nursing qualifications in medicine and surgery and are often involved in teaching other nurses. We could cut costs by employing trainee nurses or fewer nurses but we recognise that the quality of the nursing team plays a huge part in the overall care your pet gets.

We have separate cat and dog wards staffed by fully qualified nurses 24 hours/day, 365 days a year. There are routinely at least two nurses keeping an eye on your pet, even at the dead of night, and they are backed up by clinicians on-call.

The surgeon looking after your pet will perform your pet's surgery from first incision to last stitch -we will not delegate the 'routine' parts of your pet's surgery to an intern as happens in some referral centres. Similarly, your initial consultation will be entirely with the clinician who will be in charge of your pet's care. These consultations typically last upto 1 hour so there is plenty of time for a full assessment of your pet to take place, treatment options to be discussed and for any of your questions to be answered.

We have invested heavily in advanced facilities including a state of the art surgical suite and CT scanner as well as a wide array of other diagnostic and therapeutic equipment.

Finally, your vet is under no obligation to recommend us and receives no financial reward for doing so. If they have recommended a referral to us it is because they value the care and expertise we can provide for your pet. This is not the case for all practices. Some corporate chains will discourage referral to any centre other than one of their own, even if that means you having to travel further than you might have to with your pet and your pet being treated by less experienced clinicians with poorer facilities. If your vet has advised referral to a different referral centre, but you would prefer your pet to be seen at Anderson Moores, ask them why they recommended the centre they did. At the end of the day, it is your right to choose where your pet is treated.

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