Kandi, a Yorkshire Terrior with Tracheal Stent

"In memory of Kandi - Back when I was only 4, I was brought in through your door, for my tongue was turning blue, my family did not know what to do, you took me in arms, and I made you fall in love with my charm, crying so I'd get more hugs, giving me milk that I would chug, Davina, to me, you were my saviour, and for this I ask one favour, remember me until the end, I will always be your furry friend, my life I did owe to you, you made my family's dreams come true, for you gave us an extra 8 years, good time, bad times, smiles and tears, we were able to make more memories to treasure, the love we shared holds no measure, I am now at rest with my sister, my best friend, together at the start, together at the end"

Davina, words cannot explain how grateful we are that you came in to Kandi's life that day and for your amazing veterinary skills that saved her life".

Heidi, a German Shepherd Dog with Elbow Dysplasia

"Just a quick email to give you an update on how Heidi is doing after her surgery. She is doing really well. I'm really so pleased with her progress and recovery and really can't thank you enough. I really do appreciate what you have done for her. The whole process of being referred to Anderson Moores has been fantastic and everyone at Anderson Moores has been so helpful - Sian Corbin"

Derwent, an 8 year old Springer Spaniel with Splenic mass

"I wanted to thank you for all the incredible care you took of Derwent following her splenic removal. I could not have asked for better in any way - from reception to the surgery and medical teams, you were all wonderful. I have always been very happy to recommend you to my clients needing referral, but having been an owner rather than referring vet this time has only increased my confidence. You will be pleased to know that Derwent is almost back to normal now, and improving every day. We are both so grateful to you - Rachel Gibson"

Bronson, an Irish Setter with Insulinoma

"Dear David, Bronson is doing extremely well. He now weighs 33.7kg which is his best ever. He is enjoying life again and his coat looks lovely. Since it all happened he has been on a strict raw diet of 5 small meals a day which involves a variety of different herbs. But without what you all did for me, these last five months wouldn't have been possible! So all the thank yous in the world - Mrs Fox"

JRT, 13 years old with laryngeal paralysis and secondary hepatitis

"Dear Fabio, He is doing fantastically well and there have been huge improvements in his demeanour and quality of life. His owners are delighted and were extremely impressed with the service they received from you and your team."

Catie, a domestic short haired car with a pelvic fracture and acute kidney injury

"Dear Nick, I wish to thank you, Fabio and James for all your support and especially for your amazing repair work on Catie.  I never thought she would make quite such a good recovery. You do such magnificent work on animals. Anyway Catie is almost back to her old self. So once again thank you for all you did for her - Dianne D"

Max, a Staffie with cruciate ligament ruptures

"Dear James, A big thank you for helping Max. I would highly recommend yourself and your team at Anderson Moores. The reception staff were very friendly and helpful and made a lot of fuss with Max which he loved! The physio sessions have really helped him and Karl has been brilliant with Max. Thank you James for all your work - Elaine & Kevin"

Bumph, a Labrador with ascending myelomalacia

"Dear Chris, I would like to thank you and all the staff at Anderson Moores for the kindness and care that was shown to both Bumph and me last week.  Although the outcome of his stay was the worst we could have ever imagined, I have no doubt that everything possible was done for him whilst in your care.  I would especially like to thank the night sister who initially examined Bumph in the car, and the receptionist who coped with me when I arrived on Wednesday morning.  The staff who popped in to see Bumph when I came back on Friday, also could not have been kinder - Carol F"

Bryn, a Golden Retriever with a cruciate ligament rupture

"Dear Andy, "Thank you for your skill, care and attention to Bryn.  We are pleased to report that Bryn is exercising really well, no limping and extremely happy.  We will always be grateful to you and wish you and your family a healthy and happy new year - Wendy & Bill R."

Bronson, an Irish Setter with insulinoma

Dear David, "Hello again, and to show you just how well I'm doing I asked Mum and Dad to bring me up to see you all.  I now weigh 33.7kg, which is my best ever, and my coat is lovely.  I'm very much enjoying life too, but taking things a little easier of course.  Nothing like enjoying a smelly old tripe stick on the lawn and a roll in the sunshine to finish.  Since it all happened, Mum's had me back on a raw diet of 5 small meals a day with lots of different herbs along with my Prednisolone of course.  But without what you all did for me, these last five months wouldn't have been possible.  So all the thank you's in the world!  Bronson F"

Spingo, a Hungarian Vizla with a cruciate ligament rupture

"Dear Andrew, It's just six months since Spingo's TPLO so I thought I'd send you an update.  Thanks to your skill's he has made a perfect recovery with not a sign of any problems. I'm so pleased we where referred to you as you've made a total change to Spingo's life, he's happier in himself and running about great. At the end of the season he did half a day and we both enjoyed it, it's good having him back working. A BIG THANKS! Kind Regards Maxwell"

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