Anderson Moores to refund extra RSA fees

At the moment if an owner with an insurance policy that is underwritten by RSA (ie MoreThan, Tesco and Argos) chooses to use a referral centre that is not part of RSA’s network they may be charged a £200 fee in addition to any policy excess. This charge does not apply for emergencies or where there is a clear clinical need. (At the moment John Lewis, although underwritten by RSA, has declined to levy this additional charge.)

At Anderson Moores we have campaigned against the RSA network because we feel very strongly that the owner should have the freedom of choice in the referral decision, supported by advice and guidance from their local vet. Insurance companies should not become involved in clinical decisions. Unfortunately this has led, in some instances, to owners being charged the £200 fee for visiting us.

In future we will reimburse the owner this £200 fee so they can choose where to take their sick pet without fear of being financially penalised.

Published: 13-02-2017

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