Minimising our Impact on the Environment

The team at Anderson Moores is dedicated to providing the best quality veterinary care – but not at the expense of the environment. 

If there are things that you are doing that we haven’t thought of please let us know.  We can all learn from each other and pass on best practice and do our bit for the planet. 

If you are one our wonderful referring vets please have a look at some of the things that we have been able to do below and see whether you might be able to do something similar in your practice. 

What We’ve Achieved So Far

  • Source our power from renewable sources:  Given our rural location we are reliant on electricity for all our power so we source electricity from Haven Power which generates its electricity from 100% renewable sources.
  • Sharpsmart: We have recently partnered with Sharpsmart, a medical company providing reusable sharps containers worldwide. The introduction of their new Sharpsmart reusable sharps system not only reduces container related injuries by as much as 87% but also delivers carbon reductions of 91% when compared to the single-use containers.
  • LED lighting: We operate 24/7 so we have a lot of lights on all the time.  We have installed LED lighting throughout the hospital to minimise the electricity consumption.
  • Batteries:  We are in the process of replacing all the batteries on our pagers and handheld machines with rechargeable batteries, reducing waste.
  • Sustainably Sourced Paper:  We are introducing a policy to use FSC or PEFC certified paper throughout the hospital.  Ideally we would like to go paper-free, but we haven’t worked out how to do that yet.
  • Washing machines using O-zone:  We have a lot of laundry!  We’ve invested in machines that use o-zone to reduce the amount of water used, and the cycle times.
  • Kitchen Waste:  We now compost our kitchen waste.
  • Terra Cycle (teracycle.co.uk): Terracycle operate a fantastic scheme to collect and properly recycle those difficult to recycle items that would otherwise be sent for incineration or landfill.  We provide collection stations for the following items: cat food sachets; toothbrushes an other dental hygiene items; pens and writing implements; beauty product pots & tubes; and plastic household cleaning products.  When we have collected enough for a  batch our Relationship Manager drops it off at the main collection depots on her normal rounds.
  • Printer Cartridges: These are collected from office and home printers and are sent to be recycled to raise money for Hampshire Search & Rescue.
  • Clothes & Shoes: Everybody is encouraged to bring in their unwanted clothes and shoes to be sent on to raise money for Hampshire Search & Rescue.
  • The Vet Times & The Vet Nurse Times: We used to be sent numerous copies of these publications for our team which were seldom read.  We contacted the publisher and asked for them stop sending them to the hospital – reducing waste.
  • Reception: We’ve replaced the individual plastic milk cartons with a jug of fresh milk to reduce plastic waste.
  • Toilet paper:  We purchase toilet rolls made from recycled paper.  Good for the environment and more popular than our previous provider.
  • Power usage for PCs: Our computers are now turned off automatically if they have been inactive for a while, saving power.
Things We’re Working On

There is so much more that we are working on, including;
  • Sourcing compostable cups in reception;
  • Improving glass recycling

Charities We Support

Blue Cross, Dogs’ Trust and Guide Dogs: we provide free initial consultations for these charities.

Hampshire Search & Rescue through the collection printer cartridges,  and unwanted clothes & shoes.

Worldwide Veterinary Service: Andy Moores recently spent a week training vets in Goa, India.

Smalls for All: Davina Anderson has recently dispatched a large box of clothing to this excellent charity.



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