You may have recently seen the extremely sad story of Jet, a Lakeland terrier from Southampton, in both the local and national news.

Jet was shot by his owner in the head four times with an air-rifle before being dumped in woodland where he suffered, alone, for five days. When a collapsed Jet was finally discovered, the pellet holes were infested with thousands of fly eggs.

Following the horrific incident, Jet was referred to Anderson Moores by the RSPCA with neurological damage, difficulty walking and damage to the right eye and the left side of his brain. A CT scan was carried out to identify the precise location of the pellets in order to successfully remove them.

Our Specialists removed the pellet in his left ear canal, together with the ear canal, and the pellets on the left side of the neck and the right ear were also removed. However, one pellet had to be left behind as the surgical approach would have been very high risk.

After surgery, Jet’s condition deteriorated slightly as his injured brain was oversensitive to the anaesthetic and pain-relieving drugs he was on. Due to the complicated location of the pellets, Jet also lost hearing in one ear and his vision has been affected.

The multidisciplinary expertise of the team here at Anderson Moores was vital to the success of Jet’s treatment, with neurologists, anaesthetists and soft tissue surgeons involved. Our highly experienced critical care nursing team led the post-operative care and worked closely with the anaesthetists to get Jet back on his feet.

Commenting on Jet’s recovery, Head of Soft Tissue, Davina Anderson, said; “We are delighted that Jet has recovered so well and has now been rehomed. Jet is a very forgiving little dog and remains very friendly! We wish him all the best.”

To read more about Jet’s case, click here.

Published: 19-06-2019

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