At Anderson Moores we believe that complimentary case advice is a very important part of the service that we offer our referring vets. Our aim is to provide pertinent, timely advice to all colleagues who request help. Due to the number of requests that we receive every day, we would be very grateful if colleagues could follow these guidelines when requesting advice, to help make the process as efficient as possible.

Urgent Advice

If you need emergency advice please contact the hospital directly on 01962 767 920 rather than sending an email. We will find one of our clinicians to speak to you as soon as is feasibly possible.

Non-urgent Email Advice

• Please enter the following in the subject field; ‘advice requested: patient name and surname’.

• Please attach clinical history and radiographs only relevant to the current problem wherever possible.

• Please ensure to include the following information in the email:

• Name of clinician in charge of the case

• Veterinary Practice

• Reply email address if different

• The telephone number where we can reach you

• The patient name, breed, age and sex

• A brief summary of the clinical history

• Your specific concerns or questions to be answered

Please bear in mind when contacting us that any advice we offer cannot be considered as an alternative to referral. Anderson Moores cannot accept any liability for treatment decisions based on our advice when we have not examined the patient in the recent past.

Published: 20-07-2015

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