We are looking for cats with asymptomatic HCM!

For a clinical trial using a targeted diet from an international pet food manufacturer we are including cats with diagnosed asymptomatic HCM.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Cats which hunt or dine at neighbour’s homes and not exclusively in their own home are not eligible, since this is a nutrition study so the cat needs to only eat the prescribed diet! Single cat households also preferred, as ad lib food.

The cat will have the heart murmur investigated by echocardiography at no expense to the owner, and, if eligible for inclusion, receive free food during 1 year, a cardiac ultrasound, clinical examination and blood exam before starting the diet, and after 6 and 12 months of eating the diet.

Please contact a member of the cardiology team for more information.

01962 767920

Email: cardio@andersonmoores.com

Published: 15-10-2015

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