To help make life easier for owners we now welcome Direct Claims.

We understand that bringing a much loved pet to a referral centre is always stressful, so to make things a little easier we are now able to process insurance claims on behalf of owners. We have also reduced the initial deposit from £500 to £250 (or the insurance policy excess if greater) to cover potential costs not covered by the insurance policy.

We hope this will make visiting us as easy and stress-free as possible for cats, dogs and, most importantly, owners.

And don’t forget…

Clinical Choice is Important!

Appropriate clinical treatment should be agreed between the Owner and the Referring Vet, based on the best interests of the animal. It should not be dictated by insurance companies. So any owner who brings a case to us and is then penalised by the insurance underwriter RSA will have their £200 penalty fee refunded by us.

Published: 27-04-2017

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