In February, our Head of Orthopaedics, Andy Moores, will be spending 5 days in India with the Worldwide Veterinary Service (WVS) to teach orthopaedic techniques to vets at the WVS Hicks International Training Centre in Goa.

WVS is a UK registered charity, set up by Luke Gamble from Pilgrims Vets, which offers free vet care to animals in need all over the world. WVS took over Goa's International Animal Rescue (I.A.R) centre, formally run by animal lover John Hicks, in 2016 to continue to deliver the essential animal welfare that is required in the region. As well as providing veterinary treatment, the centre also delivers practical surgical training to vets and local charity workers, helping promote best practice techniques.

As part of Andy’s mission with the charity, we are asking for any redundant orthopaedic equipment or implants to be donated to WVS. External skeletal fixation equipment (any old K-E clamps sitting at the back of the cupboard?) would be particularly useful. To donate, please contact the charity Liaison Officer, Lulu, with details of the equipment (make, model, size etc.). Once equipment is sent, the charity will keep you updated on where your equipment goes and photos of the animals it’s helped.

You can also make donations to the charity here.

We will be providing updates on Andy’s trip so stay tuned!

Published: 03-12-2018

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