Lola is a beautiful 5-month-old German shepherd who unfortunately ingested several max-strength ibuprofen tablets. Her toxic dose was calculated to be in the region that can cause kidney failure and indeed blood tests at her local vet quickly identified this.

Lola was referred by Companion Care (Andover) to Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists for intensive management of her kidney failure including carefully calculated fluid therapy. She also received protection for her gastrointestinal system, as ibuprofen also causes gastrointestinal toxicity (in some cases it can also cause neurological signs and liver damage). Lola did develop diarrhoea, likely as a result of the toxicity.

After a week of management, Lola’s kidneys had regained the ability to concentrate her urine so she was able to be discharged to recover at home. Acute kidney failure is a very serious condition, so it is great to see Lola doing so well thanks to the care of Companion Care (Andover) and our Internal Medicine team at Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists.

Published: 22-05-2019

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