Leo, a 6-year-old Labrador, was referred to Anderson Moores with lameness secondary to osteoarthritis in his right carpus (wrist). When Leo presented he was obviously lame on this right fore, with thickening of the carpus, as well as discomfort on manipulation of this joint.

To ease Leo’s symptoms and improve his quality of life, James Grierson gave him stem cell injections into his carpus.

How stem cell treatment works

Stem cells, taken from the animals own body, are a naturally occurring, living therapy. In simple terms, stem cells act like a repair kit. When stem cells are injected into the troubled joints they reduce tissue inflammation whilst encouraging protection, repair and regeneration of damaged tissue. This reduces some of the pain and discomfort associated with osteoarthritis.

The stem cells are taken from a fat sample and just a single harvest produces a lifetime of stem cells, which means we don’t need to repeat the harvest surgery in the future. The fat sample is then sent to an external lab who extract and grow the stem cells from the fat. The cells are shipped to us frozen to -80 degrees in dry ice as a ready-to-use, sterile injection. At least 2.5 million stem cells are provided for injection into each joint. We simply defrost them prior to injection into the joints.

Following the injection, Leo was rested for a couple of weeks. Four weeks after the injection, Leo was already standing more comfortably and showing minimal lameness.

How Leo is doing now

Leo’s owner reports that his condition has improved significantly following treatment.

“He has played with other dogs on the beach/in field. He will run over the sand trying to get to the sea before his brother and bounce around in the water and charge back to us. All this has been a good test with no limping on the leg. I cannot thank you enough for getting Leo out of pain as he really does seem so much happier and enjoying his life “.

Published: 24-09-2018

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