For those of you that missed the Vet Times’ recent story ‘Turtle trek for dynamic duo’, we wanted to share the fantastic challenge our RCVS Advanced Practitioner in Small Animal Medicine Laura Holm will be undertaking this summer.

In August, Laura and her husband, Shawn, will be putting on their walking boots as they embark on a 100 mile journey from Winchester to Eastbourne.

Their challenge will be in aid of the Olive Ridley Project – a UK charity set up in response to the large number of Olive Ridley sea turtles found entangled in ghost nets, (commercial fishing nets and gear which have been lost or discarded at sea). After returning from a recent research expedition in the Maldives with the charity, Laura and Shawn wanted to continue their support by walking almost 20 miles per day, for 6 consecutive days, hoping to raise over £2,000.

About the Olive Ridley Project

The aim of the Olive Ridley Project is to protect sea turtles and their habitats, reduce and reuse marine debris, rehabilitate injured sea turtles (which have been entangled in ghost nets) and use scientificresearch to increase awareness of the threats faced by sea turtles in the Indian Ocean.

To find out more and to donate, click here.

Published: 17-07-2018

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